Six hundred and eight standard GLIX time units had crept by during his travels through the non-euclidean time-space; but such a span was a mere speck to the members of his immortal race.

Within his hibernation coffin, Nanzanad I’naim S’salanzadin Yol awoke from dreamless hypersleep totally blind and dumb to his surroundings.

His android servants had initiated the deceleration process.

One stood patiently inside the Hibernation chamber, watching him through beady, glass eyes. He waited for his master to awaken with robes prepared.

‘Master-,’ Its voice was flat and computerised- ‘…We have successfully emerged from Warp on the periphery of the Saeio galaxy. Do you wish to engage the cloaking field as we proceed?’

‘Indeed. Engage the cloaking field.’

Now that the ship had slowed down to a speed that humanoid physiologies were able to withstand, Nanzanad stepped from the protective grace of the force field.

With some difficulty, he managed to put on his robe and walk a few paces towards the blurry octagon that he knew to be a view-port into the expanse of space.

As his vision returned, the hazy blobs of light focused into a glittering tapestry of points. At the limit of his hearing, a skeletal drone from the ship’s engine wailed.

Stretching out his muscles experimentally, he gazed at the constellations, they seemed unfamiliar.

Somewhere out there is the Suit,’ he thought to himself.
It will be mine!

When his senses had returned sufficiently enough, he slowly made his way to the navigation console.

He was the sole traveller aboard the intergalactic barge, his team of robotic minions had manned the ship while he slept in cryogenesis.

From the emitter in the armrest controls, a containment field formed- capturing a spherical volume of space beneath a milky, translucent membrane.

Raising his hand to the orb, he manipulated it with finger movements.

The holography system activated and produced a net of light that descended into a perfectly cubed grid- hovering in the air before him.

The net phased into a Fifty Kiloparsec-wide galaxy map of Saeio.

‘A beautiful Galaxy.’ He thought to himself.

Zooming out further and further, he attempted to comprehend the great distance of space that he had traversed since his conversation with the Goddess, but found he could not.

Feeling mystified, he began his analysis of the Star positions and space-time warpages. There appeared to be a highly efficient system of commercial subspace corridors connecting the volumes of Saeio.

He addressed the ship’s contingent of droids with a general verbal command:

‘I have programmed a course through the commercial corridors to our first destination- Tetrahedra station. Alert me as soon as we are within transmission range- I shall be in the Gravity Simulator, I require Electro-therapy on some of my atrophied muscles before we begin.’