Using a pair of oil lenses, Jef peered down on the entrance to the Computex building.

He had followed his target’s signal here, through the malls and arcades of the Chrysanthemum annex and into the business district of Level 89G.

It had been easy to find a discreet route to the opposing rooftop level; it was the perfect vantage point to survey the area below for his target’s exit.

The city shimmered with electric movement before him.

He stood motionless, like an evil gargoyle turned into an abstract sculpture – melted through acid-rain erosion.

Beneath him, a man emerged from the building’s entrance. The visor began its cellular scan.

It’s him.’ He thought.

The binoculars bleeped twice for DNA Identity Confirmation- Radicade Matis. Jef watched as he stepped down to a vehicle protected by two heavily-muscled guards. The visor indicated that the men were holograms.

With a high pitched whine, the craft rose sharply and made for the fast zone above the buildings. Jef prepared himself for his manoeuvre.

All of the city movement seemed to speed up around him in his state of hyper awareness.
After a few quick steps, he boost-jumped up to the departing vehicle using the small rockets built into his ninja pumps.

Throughout the whole motion, his eyes were fixed on target: Locked- like the eyes of a pouncing cat.

Silently, he caught hold of the vehicle with both hands in perfect synchronicity, swinging his feet up and around to control the final depleting thrust of the rockets.

Jef fought against the forces of acceleration- he sniper kicked his toe into the best foothold available amongst the angles of the vehicle’s chassis and hefted himself up and out of the way of the twin engines. They hummed softly before erupting into two jets of evil flame.

The vessel picked up speed and surged high into the air above the buildings- they were a toy-like, grey blur of shapes beneath him.

‘Good’ Jef thought, fighting to maintain himself, ‘We are heading towards Radicade’s penthouse in the Synji sector.’

He positioned himself low and flat to reduce his resistance to the harsh winds that were now blasting against him. They thrashed at his exposed hands and knuckles. His arms began to pump hard with blood from holding on so savagely.

‘I can’t take much longer of this!’

Jef could feel himself weakening from the effects of the large G-forces on his body.

Fortunately, the vehicle finally began to slow down as it entered the Synji sector. It came to a stop just above a tall, blue-grey apartment complex.

A trapdoor built into the surface of the roof yawned open to reveal an inner parking area.

The craft descended into the opening to settle itself on the tiled landing pad within.

Jef leapt from it to a catwalk that ran above the room’s singular doorway.

A few crates and boxes were scattered across the narrow platform below. He slipped down silently to the level beneath and lurked there in the shadows.

Radicade Matis left the vehicle and made his way towards the stairs where Jef waited.

The details of the room pressed themselves down heavily on Jef’s hyper-aware senses. He examined Radicade as he moved slowly towards him; he looked casual, unsuspecting.

As he ascended the final stair, Jef revealed himself noiselessly, pointing the gun straight in his face.

Radicade took a long moment of realisation before fumbling for his shield device.

It was too late- The sinister weapon was already very much upon him.
‘Who are you?’ He said, looking at the weapon, shocked.

‘Real illusion-’ Jef replied, perplexed at his own response.

He fired once and a blade of pure energy zapped out into a tiny spike.

It pierced through the top of Radicades eye socket and sliced down across his face. His dead body roughly crumpled to the floor.
‘Who am I?’ Jef repeated the man’s question again to himself as he made his escape.