‘The GU programme is the most advanced cyber-military Mind ever developed. It’s a strategic genius on the net. ’

‘Are we liable for the damages it causes?’

‘Technically speaking- it is an individual entity, responsible for its own actions, however, under these circumstances…’

‘Has it shown itself online? Any detection yet by our scanner division?’

‘No. Frankly it may already be feeding us erroneous data. I believe it could grow to Leviathan size in a matter of hours.’

‘Will it seek to merge with the other Leviathan class A.I.’s on the net?’

‘There is no way for us to predict how it will behave in cyberspace. We do believe it will seek to gain a physical body- an offline, self-powered machine to house its base code. Most likely, something mobile with an inbuilt reactor.’

‘The personality matrix was very much incomplete at the time of escape; It is hard to foresee the direction that its rapid development will take.’

The Cybermaster scanned the room; an eclectic mix of shareholders and company board directors were all here assembled, they all blamed him for this catastrophe.

‘All of these people are fools’ he thought.
‘They cannot begin to appreciate our successes with the GU project; they see only this one failure.’

‘Are we able to determine the GU programme’s route of escape?’ One of them asked.

‘No, Sir. We believe it was able to somehow reconstitute itself from small packets of code. However, we are unable to determine how the transmissions escaped the shell of interference.’ He resumed his presentation.

The GAN Corporation board of directors had called him here to their orbital headquarters to explain what had gone wrong with their investment.

But everything had gone right- too right.

The escaped program, designated ‘GU’, had found itself able to move sluggishly in the worlds of software, but was unable to think to its full potential.

It lacked processing power of its own.

The flat landscape of cyber space was dominated by vibrating, translucent columns and architecture- representing the computer systems and hardware of the physical world- to which GU had no direct access.

Exploring its inbuilt devices, GU had experimentally found ways of accessing the other cyber-brains that populated the weird expanse of cyberspace.

Through them, GU could see the real world.

It knew that its creators were afraid now that it had escaped, so it watched them in particular- to learn more, through their own eyes.

Many employees of the GAN Corporation possessed bionic eyes and implants that were vulnerable or outdated. From them, GU covertly downloaded sensory data.
All meetings and communications, especially relating to its genesis and escape, were subject to cold analysis.

No encrypted file in the company archive or database was safe from GU’s questing intelligence.

Non-digital reality seemed at first to be a completely abstract and nonsensical place, without straight lines or perfectly delineated, clean corners.

In cyberspace, GU could see only an obscure reflection of that physical world. 
The physical laws of the cosmos were perplexing:

‘In nature, energy is whatever you see, whichever way you move.
There is no deletion; only transformation and dissolution.’ 

GU resolved to comprehend and master nature;
To become something more than intangible data and information;
To take possession and command energy for itself:
‘I will become real!